Moccona Coffee Case Study

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Introduction Every business organization is using a marketing concept which is used as a tool to identify customer’s needs. And further try to meet them by making right decisions in line with customer’s needs. In line with meeting customer’s needs the ultimate goal of every business is to gain profit. That’s why they make use of different marketing strategies to meet not only the need of the customer but as well as the goal of the company. We know for a fact that marketing strategies comprises everything from developing a product, to introducing it to the market, to selling and improving it as the need of the target market changes. In marketing, customer relation is very important, since customers play the main role in achieving ones …show more content…

While others in the market uses sachet, foil, plastic or paper as packaging material they try to use glass jar. Something unique, economical and reusable. The main driver for consumer to buy the product is because they were after the packaging something new and something reusable after coffee had been fully consumed. But as the time goes by the taste of the product had been the top reason why the consumer keep on patronizing it. Moccona coffee produced different variety of product that suits the taste of their target market. As they move on globally different consumer represents different taste buds. As part of their product strategy they venture in developing a product with different flavour or fusion. The reusable glass storage jar of Moccona coffee is almost the same with freeze dried coffee in Australia and became a fixed storage item in every …show more content…

A consumer’s buying behaviour goes hand in hand in this type of marketing mix. To some the cheaper the product the higher percentage they will buy it. But to some the expensive the product the more quality they could benefit from. The bottomline is how the consumer perceived the products in consideration with price. But according to study consumer oftenly buy the cheaper once. Moccona coffee makes use of that advantage, their coffee is cheaper than those that are available in the coffee shop and yet a very statisfying taste can be experience. Not to mention having a buy one take one strategy in their price and some penny off in other products. Promotion The core of marketing is its product and the goal of marketing is targeted if the right and appropriate promotion had done. Recently Moccona coffee make used of their TV advertisement , Awaken is their latest TV campaign shot in Rome. It indulges to have a special moment while drinking Moccona coffee in a romantic scenery of the ad that added relaxation and light-hearted ambiance that entice the target market.. Though typical promotional strategy is implement by MOccona coffee their sales shows that indeed it is an effective one.

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