Keurig's Impact On The Environment

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The Keurig a single serving coffee machine was an overnight success, twenty years in the making. John Sylvan spent twenty years of his life creating new technology that would reinvent coffee drinking, the Keurig and a compatible cup. The Keurig was a startup company that has inspired me by the tenacity of John Sylvan and his business partners to charge through with their inventions and earn the great success they’ve achieved. Although it has come at the price of our planet, this set back to the environment was enough for Sylvan to sell his portion on the company. The reason being, Keurig uses K-Cups that are not biodegradable, but when there was a solution made the company got greedy and changed the design and is trying to compact the effects but are failing miserably.
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A problem with the cups not being recyclable or degradable is that they will affect our wild life by killing the marine animals, and many other animals that die due to ingestion. Plastic accounts for ten percent of waste in the United States (Thompson, 1976) An excess of two-hundred and ninety million tons of plastic is deposited into our landfills that cannot be recycle or decomposed. Green Mountain the company that produces the K-cups for keurig has no immediate intention to lessen their effect in the landfills. A major reason why Keurig’s K-cup is the worst invention ever created, is because of the companies unwillingness to use the technology and knowledge they have to improve their products: The

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