Wasteful America

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Many people have heard of the phrase “Go Green” which basically stands for recycling and reducing the amount of waste. “ Waste Not, Want Not” is an essay written by Bill Mckibben. He goes into great detail about how wasteful America really is. I couldn 't help but agree with this essay because the things we do in our everyday life are slowly destroying our earth. We as Americans often get more of things than we need. This essay was written in 2009 but I believe we can still do more. I believe things have improved to a certain extent but not much. We as Americans still buy more than what 's needed, we waste bottles and cans so much everyday, and we are sometimes even offered or educated on ways to improve on these things but never …show more content…

During school, we 've always been taught a little about pollution, how to recycle and even practiced a few things that will help improve this issue. This has been an ongoing issue for years and it can make some feel like what 's the use of trying to make a change now. Don 't get me wrong, things have been done, but more could be done as well. I myself could make a few changes too. If we really researched the damage that these things are doing to our precious earth we would want to do more. People would be surprised at the number of cans and bottles we waste everyday. "Plastic water bottles, one after another ---- 80 million of them get tossed every day" stated Mckibben. Many businesses that support recycling now have separate bins with labels such as plastic, paper, or cans. Although these bins are available, we still find those who still throw those items in the trash. If people took reducing the amount of waste we produce as serious as they take shopping and games we would have definitely seen more improvement since this essay was written in 2009. It 's never too late to make a change. “We may have waited too long—we may have wasted on last good chance. It’s possible the planet will keep warming and the economy keep sinking no matter what. But perhaps not – and we seem ready to shoot for something noble their than the hyper-consumerism that’s wasted so much of the last few decades” stated Mckibben. It 's never too late to take care of our earth so that our …show more content…

Reading this essay has made me more aware of how wasteful we all can be. It goes into detail of what we waste and how often. If we know a way we can “waste not” we should make that change and encourage our loved ones to do the same. It starts with us. Take in consideration the time and things used when building your new home, go paperless when given the option and always remember it 's never too late to make a change. This essay was written over 5 years ago and to look at how much is still being wasted is shocking. Things have improved since then but things could also be much better. If we motivate and educate each other to save and not waste as much we began to notice our improvement and maybe even make headlines. The essay “ Waste Not, Want Not” by Bill McKibben was very informative and motivational. It makes you think how many of the things that we are used to are causing harm to our environment. I will definitely be making changes in my lifestyle and motiving the people around me so that we will one day be able to notice

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