Climate Change Argumentative Essay

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The Earth’s climate is constantly changing and evolving along with everything else on earth. However it is a very gradual process, or so it should be. In the recent centuries there has been a drastic change is the earth’s climate that should not be ignored. Climate Change is a very controversial topic in society right now. Some even dare to argue that it’s only a theory. The essays “Study: World Pollution Deadlier than War, Disasters, Hunger”, “Issues in Society: What are the Consequences of Climate Change.” and “GAO: Climate change already costing the US billions in losses.” show just how evident this problem has become in this world. The downward spiral we seem to currently be on, presented itself after the industrial revolution. During…show more content…
Individually speaking, we can recycle more, use less water, or change your incandescent light bulbs to LED or CFL light bulbs. Even something as small as using reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic ones can make a difference. Another very simple thing to do is stop littering. You may not think much of it when you throw your pop bottle out the window of your car, but when everyone does that it adds up. These things do not decompose quickly and can end up killing wildlife. On a larger scale, we could make the transition to renewable energy sources. There are many different options at our disposal. Wind energy, solar energy and hydropower are all options that we could use. All of them being 1000% better for our planet. They may be expensive but isn’t it worth it? Climate change is a natural process that our planet goes through. We are obviously not still in an ice age. But it is supposed to be a gradual process. The immense jump in world’s climate in the recent centuries, is frightening. Research has shown that when there is a rapid change in climate, it has detrimental effects, mass extinction being an example. Even when global temperature were as high as they are now, in the past there was not as much CO2 in the air which just proves that it is because of us. We are ultimately just leading ourselves to our own
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