Reflection On Strategic Marketing

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Strategic marketing is a broad and practical subject which included the concept of marketing subjects of previous semesters such as business marketing. The study of this subject has contributed to marketing knowledge in many ways, as well as it has strengthened my skills in application of marketing concepts. My knowledge was increased that I was able to develop a complete strategic marketing plan of not only on the part of marketing analysis or strategy of a product or service, but also the whole corporate plan. My skills and capabilities that were developed and integrated during lectures and tutorials include the analytical skills, coordination skills, presentation skills, organization skills, etc. First, from the beginning of the classes I was able to design and implement marketing/business strategies in particular areas only. After that, I am able to create long-term and mutually beneficial exchange relationships between an entity and the publics with it interact. Moreover, the strategic marketing analysis & planning process such as internal & external situation assessment, strategy formulation, positioning and marketing mix were taught during lessons in detail that integrated my marketing knowledge. And as a result I also became aware with a range of new issue of marketing management and the marketing tactics in particular that were resulted from the product and branding strategy. I found strategic marketing analysis and planning of this project more challenging than

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