Consumer Buying Behaviour Essay

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Consumer is one who consumes the goods & services product. The aim of marketing is to meet and satisfy the Consumer needs and wants. The modern marketing concept makes customers the centre stage of organisation efforts. The focus, within the marketing concepts is to reach target and largest customer’s sets ball rolling for analysing each of the conditions of the target market1. Consumer behaviour can be defined as “the decision making process and physical activity involved in acquiring, evaluating, using and disposing of goods and services”. This definition clearly brings out it is not just the buying of goods / services that receives attention in consumer behaviour, but the process starts much before the goods have been acquired or bought. The study Consumer Buying Behaviour is the study of how individuals make decisions to spend their available resources (time, effort, money) on consumption related item. It includes the study of what they buy it, where …show more content…

Items in this category include all consumables, people buy at regular intervals. The most common Household Care Products are Detergent powders, Dish washing powders, Floor cleaners, Toilet cleaners, Mosquito repellents etc. These items are meant for daily of frequent consumption3. 1.Geeta Sonkusare, “Impact of television advertising on buying behaviour of women consumers(with special reference to FMCG products”IJBMI,Volume 2 Issue 3//March//2013 pp 31-38. 2.Dr. S. Mahlingam, “ A Study on consumer behaviour towards selected fast moving consumer goods in Coimbatore city”,IJEIM,Vol: 1Issue 11//November 2012//ISSN:2277-5374, PP 500-507. 3.Dr.Vibuti, “A Case study on consumer buying behaviour towards selected FMCG products”IJSRM,Vol:2, Issue 8,2014, ISSN 2321-3418,PP 1168-1182. According to the study conducted by AC Nielsen, the top 10FMCG Companies in India with the branded based. 1. Hindustan Unilever Ltd 2. Indian Tobacco

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