Impact Of Advertising On Consumer Buying Behaviour

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(Niazi et al 2012) A survey was conducted on effective advertisement and how it impacts consumers buying behaviour. This brought an outcome that advertising is one of the most effective tool to attract consumers positively towards the product. When a consumer gets emotionally attracted towards the product, he tries his best be use and try the product at least once. When the purchasing power of a consumer changes, it affects the purchasing level too side by side. (David and Geoff, 2000) Consumer buying behaviour is affected by three main factors which are buying situation, personal influences and social influence level. (Weilbacher et al 2003) Advertisements do not affect the whole; but only what consumers have learnt and perceived about the product. Advertisements main task is to explain the complete idea in different way so products have a livelong impact on consumer mind. To analyze customer behavior more aggressively, firms need to understand some important aspects of consumer behavior that are associated with product so consumer buying behavior can be understood. (Glowa, 2002) A product or service is purchased only when the communication effect is active and is appropriately connected to the brand. The communication effect would be created when the advertisements elements are effective and targets the right market. It identifies different stages of model that is awareness, interest, desire and action. (Lavidge and Steiner, 1961) The AIDA model shows that when a

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