Literature Review Of Advertising

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Literature review
Advertising has become a form of communication and a great source for promoting services and products for any business in the whole market because of its broader impact. The main idea of an advertisement is to get the attention of the consumers, build up the product’s strong image in their mind and provide information to help the consumer to make a purchase decision. So, the central focus in today’s diverse global marketplace is the consumer. Companies exert a lot of effort to find out the best ingredients that should be in an effective advertising and identifying its influence on the consumer’s mind, so effective advertising should be considered as one of the most important tools that strongly affect and can change the consumer’s buying behavior. The research attempts to investigate the impact of effective advertising on the consumer’s buying behavior.
Advertisement is a method of mass promotion that’s typically used by different firms to reach large groups of potential consumers to persuade and inform them about a particular brand of product or service through oral or visual message. This means that the aim of any advertising is to differentiate and deliver various information about the product and the company to the prospective and existing consumers, it is therefore vital to make the message of the advertising effective, clear, focused and singular to make it easy for the target customers to hold on to it and catch it; as this provides a basis for

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