The Importance Of Advertising

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Name: Andrew Creitz Course: ENGL 120C-03 Class: Persuasive Writing Assignment: Paper #1 The Argument Essay Title: Advertisements—The Essentials Citation Style: MLA Format Due Date: 09/08/2014 Every day, we as humans involved in a modern society are constantly being immersed and surrounded by a world of advertisements. We live our every day lives yes, but we are always being bombarded by this societal norm called advertisements. What is an advertisement? Simply, Merriam Webster’s online dictionary defines an advertisement as: something (such as a short film or a written notice) that is shown or presented to the public to help sell a product or to make an announcement. Many people today would argue that we are exposed to an unnecessarily …show more content…

We cannot assume that everyone holds a standard view of something as personal as morals. To explain the purpose of ads and show the importance of them, we should break out into the straight facts and perhaps shed a new light on the topic of advertisements. There is this program online –powered by Google- called AdSense. As many people know, one of the main contributors to the ad world is actually online and virtual. The Internet has approximately 3 billion users, and it’s estimated that 3.3 billion Google searches are made per day. Using this Google program called AdSense, you can sell ad space to your website and gain about 0.25$ per every click made to that website. This means the more traffic that your site gets, the more money you obtain from just selling a little slot on your website. This method was calculated to see if it would be realistic to gain 100,000.00$ in a year—realistically through ads. After the calculations, it looked as though you would need 100,000 visitors on your sight a day to keep up the pace to get your 100,000.00$ in a year (without doing so much as lifting a finger!) Is this realistic? Well, as you can see from the statistics above, 3.3 billion Google searches daily and factoring the right amount of money invested in site traffic, this goal is indeed achievable. All this is to say that anyone can do this method with a little bit of skill and down payments. If almost anyone can do this, it means that there is more hope for people to thrive economically. If the common person’s wealth rises, this contributes to the overall health of

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