Reflection On Consumer Behavior

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Introduction At the start of this course, I had no idea what to expect. This is due to the fact that marketing is a field that offers a combination of so many different disciplines such as art, psychology, and statistics. I encounter marketing on a daily basis but have strangely enough not reflected too much about it. Nevertheless, it is a very interesting subject, which deals with promoting and selling services and products. This is done through creating profitable and maintainable relationships with customers. The course has taught me that companies have a responsibility in understanding the marketplace and customer needs. If companies are unsuccessful at doing this, there is a great probability that they will fail at making profits. Marketing helps companies maintain their competiveness. What I learnt from reading the literature I really enjoyed learning about consumer behavior as it managed to change the lens through which I viewed the world. It helped me realize that firms can enhance their marketing through having an insight into what customers are thinking. Being able to understand consumer behavior allows markets to successfully connect with customers. This is difficult to do but it is the quintessence of marketing. I realized that once businesses recognize a customer’s needs, it becomes easier to choose target customers. This will then help businesses create products that meet the customer’s needs, wants, and demands. However, this is quite a challenging task to

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