What Are The Challenges Ivan Gullien Faces

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Q.What are the challenges that Ivan Gullien faces?
The major challenge faced by Ivan Gullien was the development and implementation of the strategy. This was observed in the case that the category performance was going down and there was a minimum growth within the category itself over the last five years. Other challenges may include the increase the current market for the consumption Pillsbury cookie and use of most effective marketing communication.

There was several causes associated with above mentioned challenges:

• Changes in consumer preference and taste.
• Use of appropriate advertising campaign to target correct market segment.
• Understanding the attitude, belief and preference of US and Canadian Consumers.

Q. What are consumer insights? What types of business challenges can benefit from consumer insights? How are consumer insights obtained?
The consumer insights usually helps firms to understand the notion behind consumer attitude, preference and belief for purchase a certain product among the basket of brands available in the market. These insight can be gathered from consumer surveys, both qualitative and quantitative in nature, which can help the company to gather data on the strength and weakness of the brand and product attributes that are associated with frequency of purchase and usage of the product.

Moreover these consumer insights help companies optimize their marketing budget, where in case of Pillsbury same advertising that was shown in

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