Case Study Of Turner V. Hershey Chocolate USA

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Name: Patel Mukeshkumar
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I. Citation: Turner v. Hershey Chocolate USA, 440 F.3d 604 [3d Cir. 2006]

II. Issue and Rule: The district court granted the defendant’s motion for summary judgment on the plaintiff’s disability claim. The appellant’s essential accommodation claim went to trial, but court excluded evidence regarding disability. The plaintiff is not estopped by her SSDI and long term disability claims. However, the issue should have been decided by the jury. The court foreclosed to grant the plaintiff was not a qualified individual.

The issue is whether the district court correctly granted summary judgment in the favor of the defendant because the shaker table rotation rule at issue was an essential function of the employee’s job. For the reason that plaintiff could not carry out her essential function needed as a shaker table inspector job, the District Court articulate that appellant was not a qualified individual as per the ADA. In addition, the district court the reliable that appellant could not sustain a claim for reasonable accommodation, for the reason that any exclusion from the rotation system would make a danger of increasing the injuries for the pretender and the other table inspectors and therefore, would be arbitrary. In other words, was the case so that no reasonable jury could find that the employee was eligible for reasonable essential accommodation claim under

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