Case Study Montreux Chocolates

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Montreaux Chocolates USA Case Key Questions Discuss the key challenges and marketing issues Andrea Torres must address at this time. Why do you feel these issues and challenges are key to the success of the new product line? 
 The first and most important issue is the name for the new Chocolate. Apollo has a share of 15.4% in the US market in the field of the confectionery product, making it the second highest after the Fischer on the market in year 2011. Such a large share of the market will mean a strengthening of relations of the Apollo with its confectionery products. New association of customers with Apollo is not easy to predict, since until now they did not work with chocolate. However even more interesting issue is under what brand should it be, the product of the old name "Apollo" or under the name «Montreaux»? Which will be more popular among consumers? And which one they will trust? The second issue has the same importance as the first one, it is a choice between taste and health issues. The decision about the taste and health will eventually be solved with a clear compromise, because both of these factors have a great potential for the market. This decision can affect all the range of products that may be released later on. First BASES indicated that health is more important in this area, but the second BASES shown that they should not ignore the "taste" because it has the great importance for consumers. The third problem is the difference between the tastes

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