Marketing Case Study: Kellogg's Marketing Research Factors

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In order for a business to find out their customers interests and thoughts about their business, they carry out the appropriate marketing research to ensure that the business has 100% customer satisfaction. In relation to Kellogg’s, they have carried out a number of market research, which has ultimately led them to becoming the leading cereal brand. The company has developed a range of products for the segments within this market, targeted at all age groups over three years old. This includes 39 brands of cereals as well as different types of cereal bars. Consumers of cereal products perceive Kellogg 's to be a high quality manufacturer. One of the marketing decisions Kellogg’s made was that they wanted to carry out primary research. They did this because it is a reliable source of information because it is directly from the target market. They prepared questionnaires and street interviews to ask the public about their upcoming cereal brand. As well as this one of their main research methods Kellogg’s used is focus group, which was used to essentially provide them with qualitative research. They were used to show customers the new ideas and concepts that Kellogg’s had recently come up within the form of a number or different food samples, for example, a mini crispy lattice sample and a nutty triangle. The focus groups were beneficial to Kellogg’s because they came out with a mass number of information, which can then be transferred into qualitative data. As well as this, it

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