Nt1310 Unit 2 Section 2

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Continuing to major section II, the researcher developed a theoretical perspective including a literature review. The researcher had to know what the current base of knowledge was to make a contribution to the topic. MSH and DMH websites provided information about their mission; as well as their services. With the subject of funding mental health care being a hot topic right now, the researcher was able to get a considerable amount of information from agency documents and reports; as well as the local media. The researcher also used scholarly peer-reviewed secondary sources from Belhaven’s online library databases. As a result of searching the existing literature, the researcher was able to obtain data that correlated exceptionally well with the research topic. Indeed, the researcher gathered pertinent information from secondary sources; however, the primary sources of data were needed to draw a logical conclusion of the research at hand. So, the next step was major section III, Research Methodology. Being …show more content…

The researcher called MSH and told the receptionist what was needed, and she suggested that I speak with Participant #2, so she transferred the call. Having received her voice mail, the researcher left a detailed message which included asking for a date to set up an interview. Unfortunately, after numerous attempts to try to contact her on the telephone, she didn’t respond. However, the researcher called to get an email address and sent an email message the following week, on Tuesday, May 31, 2016, with the hopes that she would respond to the email. Fortunately, she did respond; however, she indicated that her schedule would not allow for a sit-down interview. So Participant #2 asked that the interview questions be emailed to her. Indeed, the researcher had to be very persistent; in so doing, they did deliver the data needed for the research case study by responding with detailed

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