Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment 2

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Hi all

I would like to let all of you know, that all the IT request that you had have been taking care of, I have performed the hardware maintenance to the network and computers and everything should be ok.

also, I have been working on meeting the HIPPA compliance for our network and there are some initial points I have been working on

1. I have set up the computer to lock the screens after 5 minutes time of inactivity, this will ensure that computer session are closed when the user is away (is still a good idea to lock the computer every time is not in use)

2. the server room need to have a server shelf or server rack that will keep the It equipment out of the floor.

3 . we need to put a lock on the server room and keep it locked …show more content…

The Wi-Fi router that we have has to be used specifically for the laptops. I know that we need to have the iPads ' connected to internet, in this case we will have to buy another router.

5. In order to protect the confidentiality of patients and business we need to educate employees. I have attached an IT handbook for security tips, please review it and get back to me if any of you have any questions, I would like to give this handbook to all the employees.

6. I would like to block USB port for data copy on all the computers. employees will be able to see the data in their USB device plugged to the computer but they wont be able to copy anything from the computer to any usb

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