Nt1330 Unit 6 Paper

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1. How does your organization address Internet usage by its employees? Does it have a written policy? Does it need one? What should be included in this policy? What are the expectations of you as a manager in this area?

At the police station, I have not noticed how the department handles the usage of the internet by staff and officers. I want to believe that there are written policies concerning privacy because after all, it is an organization that deals with a vast amount of personal data from offenders to civilians and police officers.
As for the expectation of the manager, I report to one officer in the CAPS office as well as the Sargent. I use every precaution when I am using a computer at the office. I am only allowed visitor access; the police officers do any detailed …show more content…

Moreover, management should conduct privacy protocol training, so everyone is on the same page. The policy needs to state clearly the company’s rules about protecting customer’s personal data. Also, staff needs to know that there will be monitoring of phone calls and well as computer activity and emphasizes that per Muhl, (2003) “an employee’s personal use of an employer’s e-mail system and Internet access is not protected under the law.” Hence, organizations can encounter legal troubles due the inappropriate use of the system. The privacy of customer is important, and it needs protection. I expect everyone in the staff to respect people’s personal information and to treat the data as if it was their own.

The outline of an internet usage policy, it’s a role for the human resources and IT departments, an undertaking to protect employee as well as IT network.
Hence, a partnership between these two parties is vital to guarantee that a comprehensive internet usage policy is created matching the needs of the company and

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