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The ASP.NET Engine then gets the requested file, and if essential contacts the database through ADO.NET for the required file and then the information is sent back to the Client’s browser. Figure 1 indicates how a client browser interacts with the Web server and how the Web server handles the request from the client.
2.1. Internet Information Services (IIS)
IIS is an arrangement of Internet based services for Windows machines. Originally supplied as a component of the Option Pack for Windows NT, they were accordingly integrated with Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003). The current (Windows 2003) version is IIS 6.0 and includes servers for FTP (a software standard for transferring computer files between machines with widely different operating systems), SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is the de facto standard for email transmission across the Internet) and HTTP/HTTPS (is the protected version of HTTP,the communication protocol of the World Wide Web) [6]. …show more content…

Microsoft provides a number of these including for Active Server Page and ASP.NET.
Compatibility: Internet Information Services is designed to run on Windows server operating systems. A restricted version that supports one website and a limited number of connections is also supplied with Windows XP Professional. Microsoft has likewise changed the server account that IIS keeps running on. In versions of IIS before 6.0, all the features were run on the System account, permitting exploits to run wild on the system. Under 6.0 many of the processes have been brought under a Network Services account that has fewer privileges.
Specifically, this implies, if there were an exploit on that component, it would not necessarily compromise the entire

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