Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 6 Write Up

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After it's been several days since your brow appointment, you may notice your goddess brows getting ruined by pesky little hairs. Now you still have a couple more days to survive until your next session, this guide will give you 6 tips to keep your eyebrows looking spiffy in between threading sessions. 1. Take a visual As soon as you get off the chair at your brow bar, whip out your smartphone and take a bomb selfie. Now whether your post that on Instagram is none of our business, but that picture will be very useful for later when you are doing your brows or for showing your brow artist. 2.Use Brow Products It is key to invest in creating a good brow kit for maintaining your eye brows between appointments. Now I will be posting later …show more content…

If you are unsure then leave the task to the professionals. 6. **LAST RESORT If you must tweeze those extra hairs around your eyebrows, do so but with extreme caution. When you tweeze, be sure not to touch the shape of the brows. Even out line your brows before tweezing so you don't mess up the shape. Then proceed to take out some of the extra hairs around your eyebrows that are very noticeable, It's okay to leave some stray hairs alone. It is always better to do less than to over tweeze and wreck your brows for months. Also be sure to pluck the hairs one by one to prevent bald spots. When plucking take frequent breaks to refer back to your fresh eyebrow photo to make sure you are on the right track. When done, put on moisturizer and you are good to go. That is our tips for maintaining your eyebrows in between sessions. In a perfect world , it would always be better to let a professional do your brows. but the world isn't perfect and sometimes those brows need some

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