False Eyelashes Research Paper

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False Eyelashes - How to choose and ask eyelashes?

Why opt for false eyelashes?

Mainly because they allow you to bring out your eyes! It 's the perfect accessory for a look that kills. But be careful not to confuse false eyelashes and eyelash extensions that are two different things. The former are worn for short periods of time (day) while the extensions are laid down for long periods of several weeks to 6 months.

How to choose them?
There are different types of more or less obvious. You choose if you prefer a discreet effect or pushing the fantasy to the extreme by opting for original eyelashes (diamond eyelashes with feathers, rhinestones etc.) Natural or synthetic, they can also be of different lengths. You can buy them individually or …show more content…

Remove the false eyelashes of the packaging being careful not to damage them. To do this, remove them gently with your thumb, pulling them by the end of their base.
Then paint them, so that they are easy to apply and for ultimate aesthetics. Warning, there is a sense. The shorter lashes will be put inwardly of the eye and the longer outward.

- Step 2: Laying the glue.
For this, we will pose some special glue on the back of his hand, like a wire, which subsequently spread out on the basis of false eyelash using fine forceps (tweezers example ).
Take care to put to the ends. This white glue will be invisible because it dries it becomes transparent.

- Step 3: Laying on the eyelashes.
This is the tricky part, which requires great concentration. In fact, avoid damaging the eyelashes. The technique is to place them as close as possible to real lashes for rendering the most natural and perfect implementation. Apply them from the center to the outside and inside finish adjusting.
The glue sets 1-2 minutes to dry.

-Step 4: Retouching.
To precisely optimize the natural look, just apply a little eyeliner and a little mascara to standardize natural lashes with the

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