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Myths and Facts about Hair Extensions There are lots of rumors about hair extensions. May be you are one among the many people who have heard the horror stories about it and probably they are giving you nightmares. PRARVI has collected together some of the popular myths and researched the truth to give you a GOOD NIGHT sleep. HAIR EXTENSIONS MYTH # 1 IF I GET HAIR EXTENSIONS MY HAIR WILL STOP GROWING. Fact – Your hair will grow as usual, hair extensions do not affect hair growth. According to the speed of your hair growth, you have to reattach the fastening points of your extensions to give you natural look. Extensions will give you instant long hair while your natural hair catches up. HAIR EXTENSIONS MYTH # 2 HAIR EXTENSIONS WILL LEAVE YOUR …show more content…

No, they are also used for different styles. Some women choose extensions to add volume and different styles to their hair. PRARVI designs colored designer pieces to create a beautiful you. HAIR EXTENSIONS MYTH # 8 YOU HAVE TO DYE YOUR HAIR OF THE SAME COLOR AS OF HAIR EXTENSIONS. Fact – Hair extensions are available in myriad colors and textures. Therefore, it is the hair extension that is dyed accordingly. In fact you can also continue to highlight your hair, giving yourself a trendy look. HAIR EXTENSIONS MYTH # 9 YOU HAVE TO GIVE YOUR HAIR A BREAK IN BETWEEN HAVING HAIR EXTENSIONS. Fact – If hair extensions are properly applied and removed by experts the break is not needed. Most people prefer to have new hair extensions on the same day when their old extensions are removed, continuing their gorgeous looks. HAIR EXTENSIONS MYTH # 10 EXTRA HAIR WEIGHS GIVING YOU HEADACHES. Fact – Of course it will feel a bit but most people don’t have any discomfort and that’s why million of people enjoy it. Few people, whose scalp is exceptionally sensitive, can feel some discomfort or headaches. So it is advisable to test extensions before putting

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