Traction Alopecia In Black Women Essay

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Traction alopecia in Black women: Causes and Prevention Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss that results when hair is subjected to stress from being pulled too tightly. The constant pulling on the scalp results in the hair being dragged from the hair follicle. The follicle may sustain permanent damage in some instances and if this happens hair will never re-grow from it. If you’ve ever installed braids so tight your scalp is tender for days or pulled your ponytail so tight that your forehead looks like you had an injection of Botox then you were creating the exact conditions that can lead to traction alopecia. Causes of traction alopecia Traction alopecia is a problem for black women because the hair styles and styling practices that …show more content…

Brushing the hair too harshly can also lead to traction alopecia. Wearing hats, headbands, wigs or any hair accessory that is placed in the same location on the hair repeatedly can result in alopecia if these accessories are too tight. Signs of traction alopecia The styles that lead to traction alopecia cause discomfort at best and at worst are downright painful. You may have a headache and your scalp may be tender and or sore. You may also have problems turning your head or finding a comfortable position in order to sleep. Another sign of traction alopecia is the presence of tiny bumps along your scalp. Little points of white may also be visible. These white spots are the bulbs of the hairs that have been yanked out of your hair follicles. How to prevent traction alopecia The first step is to stop the madness. Stop doing that to your hair and to yourself and just as important, never return to the error of your ways now that you’ve seen the light. With some TLC your hair may be restored through the use of oils and balms that promote hair regeneration and gentle scalp massages that help stimulate the follicles. Other cases might require the intervention of dermatologist depending on their

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