Differences In How We Roll By Natasha Friend

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Has one ever been lonely, or embarrassed by their family? In this book, How We Roll, Natasha Friend shows that being different is great. Friend uses her passion to show that difference is one of the most powerful things anyone can stand for. Quinn’s embarrassment, protectiveness, and loneliness set her apart from the world. First of all, Quinn is embarrassed of her brother. Quinn and her family moved from their hometown because her brother needed to move. In the book it states,”They’d moved because of Quinn’s brother Julius. Because his school wouldn’t accept him because they hadn’t ‘equipped’ his ‘Special Needs” (7). Julius doesn’t do stuff someone else's way, he always does stuff his way. “The first thing you would learn about Julius: he did things his own way” (8). This proclaims that Julius doesn’t like to listen to anyone but himself. He embarreses Quinn a lot because he acts certain ways, and she doesn’t want anyone to see him acting like that. In the book it states, “Julius has so many tantrums. He bites, and bangs his face” (17). This is an embarrassment to Quin to have a brother who does these things. …show more content…

Quinn has a disease that makes her hair fall out. “ Alopecia Areata. It’s an autoimmune disorder, the doctor said. Your white blood cells are attacking your hair follicles” (79). This means that Quinn’s hair is falling out because of her white blood cells. Quinn is very protective when it comes to people making fun of her. The book states,” Paige and Tara had thought Quinn was weird because of her wig” (45). This displays that she got made fun of because of her disease. Quinn and her parents really hope that her hair grows back so that she can live her life. “The course of the disease is different for everyone, but we have every reason to hope that it will grow back”

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