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Lael Mitchell is a influential woman based in Los Angeles. She has managed to own two successful business, Divine Lash Co & Lael Mitchell Essentials, while maintaining a stable life for her and her family. She is a true example of black excellence. You can follow Lael on Instagram @laeldivine.

1. What does the hashtag #blackgirlmagic mean to you and why?

It 's a way of saying, how magical black girls are. With everything that we have been able to endure living in America, I feel that we are magical. That we are different from other races and we are unique. Also our abilities and capabilities are magical and influential. It also represents our divinity and that we are gods and goddesses. That black people in our essence is divine.

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Growing up my mom always permed my hair and the perm caused my hair to break. My hair was damaged all of my teenage years. As I became an adult, I decided to stop using chemicals in my hair. When I had children I decided to do that for their hair as well. Also I didn 't like how other people did my hair so I started managing it myself. Doing my own hair helped me to become skilled in doing other people 's hair and giving them advice.

6. What is the biggest misconception about you?

People assume that because that I am popular on the Internet, that I am stuck up and not approachable. Also that I am an attention seeker. I am actually a shy individual. I have been mistreated by people in my past so, I have difficulty trusting others. I just want to continue to build my empire and hopefully move out of the country soon with my family.

7. What made you decide to homeschool your children?

My kids are more respectful and they have more regard than the average child. I didn 't want them to compete with others. I also did not believe in receiving immunizations. Mainly it is me caring about what mindset they have. I was also homeschooled because I was bullied as a child. I do not want them to be negatively influenced by society and it 's

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