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Hairdressing A Career Job For The Creative Hair dressing is an art. Cut. Style. Colour. The idea of transforming a dull uninteresting head of hair into something inspirational and stylish, pumps blood through my veins. Allowing your inner creativity to submerge is all too tempting for the budding hairdresser buried inside us. Yet, many deem hairdressing not a good career choice! Should we dismiss following our dreams to become the next top stylist and rethink our career choice or not? Hairdressing is an integral part of our lives because everyone likes getting their hair done because they want to look and feel good about themselves. Ask yourself this – Do you check for split ends? Do you secretly wish you were a blonde, Do you love getting new styles and colour? I’m guessing you’ve answered YES to all these questions! The truth of the matter is we are generation of self-obsessed narcissists. Forgive me if I’m wrong but we are easily influenced by the latest trends we see every day. When we see a flawless picture of a celebrity on social media, we want to transform into that person, we want to change who we are in order to …show more content…

If you find working in a salon unsatisfying and crave to be the next top stylist -competitions are for you. Hairdressing competitions I hear you gasp! Yes, Trendvision is “the biggest and best showcase for hairdressing talent” with “over 5,000 contestants” in 2017 being pushed to their creative boundaries of a global scale. Competitions are about taking it to the next stage, allowing you to come out your comfort zone and showing how creative you really are. Along with recognition of who you are come lucrative prizes – from money, bespoke training to travelling the world. Yeah – you might not win them all but it’s a platform to build up your reputation and get noticed. Once you’ve made a name for yourself, who knows where your career will take you, as the world becomes your oyster. Still not a career option? I think

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