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In the cosmetology field, there are so many different viewpoints interested individuals can be looking at to help decide if they should go through this particular’ field. Any individual interested should be looking at every available aspect on the field they would like to start a career in. So many people think it is easy to become a nail technician but do not fully understand what a technician can go through every day. Once individuals learn about the technician and how much more it is than just doing another individual nails’ they may like it less or more just depending on what type of personality that certain individual has and whether, or not somebody has the same interest in what they do day to day. Becoming a nail technician people are…show more content…
Especially with the fact that nail technicians are exposed to dust, chemicals, vapors, and biocides (Linda Ray). Nail technicians must remember to sweep and wipe down all the tools past clients had touched to steer clear of diseases so it does not spread around to different clients. With knowing how to properly identify skin and nail conditions to see what can be treated in a salon or needs medical attention (Ferguson). Knowing what can be treated at the salon or needing medical attention is a great way to keep down disease not only to other but also the nail technicians themselves. Despite some of the disadvantages of being a nail technician they must remain positive throughout the day. Technicians are not only there to do clients nails they get to be a counselor and a positive influence on others. Making other clients happy is a priority to keep them coming back to his or hers’ business. Although technicians must remember they cannot force their opinion on their clients remaining open and letting the clients talk their feelings without being judged is important for the clients especially if the technician owns the

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