Persuasive Essay: The Effects Of Indoor Tanning

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The effects of indoor tanning General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience not to use indoor tanning beds. Thesis Statement: Organizational Pattern: problem-cause solution Introduction Attention Getter: There is an unexplained increase in skin cancer among people under the age of forty. 30 million people visit an indoor facility each year according to the indoor tanning association. That is 10 percent of the U.S. population voluntarily exposing themselves to UV radiation which causes cancer. UV radiation is a form of energy from natural and artificial sunlight. Excess amounts can cause damage to DNA in the skin. Although some argue tanning is good for you because it helps form a “base tan” and the UV exposure time is controlled. The truth is, each time you lay in a tanning bed, it increases the risk of developing skin cancer …show more content…

For one, it can cause financial strain due to the high costs of obtaining memberships. For two, the health issues that result from indoor tanning can be deadly. Review Main Points: Indoor tanning not only damages the external portions of your body, but the exposure to UVA rays can literally burn your insides. Indoor tanning has become an addicting activity for people who start at a young age. Although many states made it illegal for minors to use tanning salons, and President Obama created a 10% tax on tanning, young people flock to the salons yearning for a bronze complexion. Call to Action: Indoor tanning is dangerous and unhealthy. The Indoor Tanning Association even warns consumers of the risks when using these beds, so why do we still use them? Is it a self-esteem issue or just refusal to see the truth in the danger that tanning is just as bad or worse than smoking and leads to cancer which is deadly? Every time you lay in a tanning bed, you are volunteering your body to get

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