Tanning Beds Persuasive Speech

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Bryan BerryMs. Bennett Subject Name21 October 2015Tanning beds should not be regulated by the governmentTanning beds should not be regulated by the government and it should be up to each individual to do as they please when it comes to tanning in tanning beds. Tanning beds also help Many people with stress and anxiety. Not only that, but the government puts limitations and rules on tanning beds when they don’t put any on tobacco and other harmful drugs. All of these are reasons why tanning beds shouldn’t be regulated by the government. Tanning beds should not be regulated by the government. The main reason they shouldn’t be regulated is because it should be up to the individual using the tanning beds whether or not they wish to take the risk in harming their body or not. The damages are …show more content…

Yet another reason tanning beds should not be regulated is that for a vast majority of people who tan, say it helps with any of their stress and anxiety that they have been accumulating. By regulating tanning beds, the government lessens how much a person can tan, how long they can tan, and how effective tanning in the tanning beds should be. Many teenagers nowadays struggle with high anxiety and stress. For some of those, tanning in tanning beds helps tremendously with such. Not only does it help with stress, but it serves as a hobby for others. many people enjoy tanning in tanning beds, and it helps them relax, concentrate better, and is an overall enjoyable. “tanning beds can have a positive effect on one’s mental health also.This is especially true when one suffers from seasonal affective disorder.” which is stated at http://bitshare.cm/post/20547945486/the-good-side-of-tanning-beds Last, but certainly not least, The government should not regulate the use of tanning beds because there are no limitations on other harmful substances such as

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