Tanning Bed Persuasive Essay

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Introduced in the 1970s and continues to grow in popularity, tanning beds are the product of how an individual can harm his/her skin, yet also can lead indoor tanners to have a dependency like alcohol or drugs (Time Magazine, np). Tanning beds are known as a device that operates with UV radiation to produce a tan. While many people are aware of the consequences of tanning beds, they tend to overlook how 90% of skin cancer is caused by UV radiation (np) and change lives for a worse turn. Tanning beds should be uninvented as health should be the number one priority of every individual --which tanning beds fail to fulfill. Dermatologists and inspirational people always recommend sunscreen for the outdoors as UV rays are dangerous for the health. When I joined the speech team at my high school last year, it came as a shock when I was offered to speak a piece by Pulitzer prize-winning author Mary Schmich that …show more content…

It never occurred to me how UV radiations from tanning beds and the sun can have a huge impact on an individual’s life. A television personality by the name of Dr. Oz that I watch on a daily warned his audience of tanning beds, and those words that came out of his mouth opened my eyes to realize not everyone is happy in their skin. Respectively, many pale-skinned people would resort to tanning beds regardless of the effects on their skin because they felt it was a “requirement” by society. Furthermore, tanning beds make them feel “happy” since they believe they look content when they use tanning beds. I never felt the need to go to the extreme and do something to my skin that may bring unfavorable consequences later. It is not possible to go back to the past, so everyone should be kind to their skin, or many calamities will be glad to play their

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