Rhetorical Analysis: The David Cornfield Melanoma

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Family Rules Under the age 18, getting one bad sunburn doubles the chances of getting melanoma. Melanoma is known as the most serious type of skin cancer that appears when the cells that produce melanin become cancerous. In order to prevent this fatal cancer, parents must be responsible for putting sunscreen on their children. Also, parents should set a good example for their kids. The David Cornfield Melanoma Fund is all for the prevention of Melanoma. The rhetorical effects of pathos, ethos, and logos, from the new family rule advertisement appeals to the idea that we will all be parents someday and will need to be someone to look up to when preventing this cancer. The advertisement begins with the cameraman getting kids, between the ages of four to eight, set up for a recorded interview. The cameraman begins by asking the kids to tell him all about their family. He then asks “Who’s the boss in your family? Why?” The kids tell him who they think is the boss in their family; some said their grandpa, their mom or dad, and explained that they were the boss because they were the oldest in the family and …show more content…

Logos appeared when the advertisement listed the six ways to be protected from the sun. The six rules state that you should wear a hat, wear sunglasses, wear long clothing, apply sunscreen, seek shade, and limit exposure. Ethos only really appeared at the very end of the advertisement when the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund logo comes up, and one would only know the credibility of this organization by looking up the fund itself. In conclusion, this advertisement shows how important sun protection knowledge really is. Even at a young age, knowing that melanoma is very easy to get may cause the rates of this deadly cancer to drop. This is a cancer that we know how to, and can, prevent. People should be doing everything in their power to do so, for this cancer spreads fast and is most always

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