Personal Narrative: I Love Virues

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I love lashes. I love long, voluminous, black lashes. So that means I love mascara. When I was younger (and more gullible) I would watch the those mascara commercials and go out, buy that mascara, come home, try it and be sooooooooo disappointed. I NEVER understood why I couldn't get the same results as the models on tv with my lashes. So as I got older I started to really look at the mascaras I bought. I thought maybe if I sent more money on them, I would get better results (not always true, sometimes but not always). Now I love most types of mascaras, but I really love ones that can give me lots of length, volume, and separation. I naturally have longer lashes and I love that I don't always have to wear falsies to achieve the look of them, …show more content…

All you have to do now it pay, take it home and use it. I was a little too excited about this mascara when i saw it, but that's probably because I'm still a little gullible and believed EVERYTHING it said. But since I have yet to find one mascara (i use like three at a time) to do everything, I'm every excited. Well after two days of it sitting on my desk I finally tried it! I had all my makeup done and waited until last to put my mascara on. With a big smile on my face, I proceeded to put the mascara on like I normally do, start at the root and wiggle to the tips. After one coat was done I looked straight into the mirror and to my complete surprise, I WAS PISSED! It was such a disaster. All that mascara did was make my dark brown lashes black. I thought to myself "where's the volume, lift, length, and …show more content…

I know I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up so much, but when a mascara claims to do five things and it only does one. There was no lift, no volume, no definition, no length. I saw when I looked in the mirror was a a sad lash. I decided not to get too upset, maybe I just needed to out on another coat or two. So I put the wand back in this ALL-IN-ONE mascara and proceeded to out on a second coat, (a little more hopeful this time). NOPE! After the second coat still no volume, no lit, no definition, defiantly a little more clumpy and maybe just a tiny bit of length. I gave it one more coat and it made it worse. I had to get a makeup wipe and take it off. I couldn't and wouldn't go out of the house with lashes that clumpy. After taking if off and doing my regular mascaras, i was finally happy. I thought about giving it another try, maybe trying it a different day, but the more I thought about it, the more I just wanted to return it and get my money back. I NEVER return make, I usually just keep it, in case I run out of something and don't have a back up. NOT this. I was so upset that it didn't work like it said it would. But then, I also feel that I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up that much

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