Case Study Of Ulta Beauty

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Started in 1990, Ulta Beauty has grown to hold 4% of $127 billion beauty market by providing customers with ‘All Things Beauty, All In One Place’. Ulta Beauty offers different services and products ranging from cosmetics, fragrances, salon, and skin. Altogether, Ulta has over 20,000 products, 500 brands, and 400 vendors. With this. Ulta beauty has become the largest beauty retailer in the U.S. and plans to expand each year by adding 100 new stores until they reach their goal of around 1,700 stores in the US. Ulta Beauty works to target all different age and income groups by pricing with the high-low strategies and keeping up with their main competitors like Macys and Amazon. They also are expanding their e-commerce business to fit the growing …show more content…

is one of the top grossing and largest beauty supplier in the US. Ulta Beauty was started in 1990 in Illinois and was originally called Ulta Salon, Cosmetics, and Fragrance, INC. (2000) Ulta Beauty was one of the first cosmetic stores to offer both mass and prestige cosmetics in one place for a quick and easy shopping experience for their customers. Since then Ulta has expanded across 48 states in the US. They focus on their brand portioning with 'All Things Beauty, All in One Place'. Always trying to satisfy customers with all beauty needs in skin, brow, hair, and cosmetics departments. (2009/17) Ulta Beauty's mission statement is, "We're on a quest to bring the fun and beauty to all – Constantly delighting our guests with all things beauty all in one place while offering rewarding careers for our passionate, beauty-loving associates." (2000) This missions statement reflects Ulta Beauty's goal to attract all types of beauty lovers with one place that offers all their beauty needs but also about opportunities for a career in the beauty …show more content…

Their main competitors are Macys, Nordstrom and even range to smaller departments like Sephora, Bath and Body Works, and other drug stores. They also compete with bigger companies who offer mass products like Walmart and Target. (2009/17) Ulta Beauty is affected by their competitors in a vigorous battle to offer the cheapest prices and best products. For example, Macy's is one of Ulta's biggest competitors and they can cause dips in Ultas stocks. Just recently, Macys cut costs on their high-end beauty products to raise their market share and caused a slight downfall in Ulta's sales. (Jul

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