Analyzing The Organizational Culture Of Ulta Beauty

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Have you ever wondered what the organizational culture was for Ulta Beauty? If their staff members are a priority to them? We see many different companies hold contrasting standards on how they treat their employees, but does anything make Ulta stand out? That is what I will be looking into today. The organizational culture of Ulta Beauty. In short, organizational culture is the actions, ways of thinking, and artifacts define a specific organization. It is how the company's beliefs, values, expectations, and rules affect the productivity of the store. According to the article “What is Organizational Communication”, there are multiple factors that create this culture. The way both customers and employees are treated because that shows if the employer values them, the written rules and norms as those are the guidelines to running the store, the dominant values and the feeling/climate that is conveyed by physical arrangements or personal interactions as that sets up the atmosphere of the store. Lastly, the freedoms employees are given also affects the culture, and a …show more content…

For example, when brands release a new product there are huge product launches. In these launches, there are signs placed in the front of the store and the new item gets placed at the entrance of the store on a little table so it can sell. This leads to guests trying new products and purchasing new things. Once every three months, a cosmetic or skin care brand comes in and holds an immense event. It involves make up artists applying makeup on the customers, or the skin care specialists giving facials to customers in order to push the sale for their product. The employees prepare weeks in advance by signing up customers to attend these events. According to “Meet Ulta's Beauty Enthusiasts”, Ulta believes the company’s ambience is about a mindset, not a demographic. Guests are a top priority and the rituals they have prove

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