Pest Analysis Of The External Environment Of Kylie Cosmetics

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Introduction “So glam, so Kylie.” That’s the motto of Kylie Cosmetics, one of the newest companies from the United States to join the cosmetics industry. Despite it being around for only less than a year, Kylie Cosmetics has been highly raved about by many mainly due to its owner being Kylie Jenner, a known television personality. Kylie Cosmetics was initially praised for its lip kits where consumers would get the ‘perfect pout’ or the ‘perfect Kylie look’. Eventually, the company turned into an all around cosmetics brand, providing makeup lovers with more than just lip products. Kylie Cosmetics provides what Kylie’s fans would want – the opportunity to be, and possibly look, just like her. Even so, every company has its highs and lows, depending on various factors that play a part in their successes. Therefore, this essay will evaluate the external environment of Kylie Cosmetics. It will focus on two forms of analysis – PESTEL as well as Porter’s Five Forces - in order to conclude the company’s current state. PESTEL - Political Political refers to how stable political issues are in a country and to what extent they affect the business industry. For example, according to Kylie Cosmetics’ official site, they can no longer ship their products to Turkey as it has placed a ban on the import of all cosmetics products. This could possibly decrease the number of potential customers. However, the ban can result in an increase in demand from consumers living in Turkey. Should they

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