Eyelash Extension Procedure

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If you’re not blessed with long and full lashes, applying mascara often is not the only solution. Eyelash extensions are a popular trend in most salons and spas, promising to give you lengths with a sexy flutter. When done right, these extensions accentuate your eyes, while also eliminating the need for mascara.

Despite the growing trend, many are still reluctant to try this procedure. If you’re feeling a bit apprehensive about this treatment, it is best to learn how it works and how to do it right.

The Procedure

Lash extensions are applied individually using long, pointed tweezers with a dab of specially formulated glue. The adhesive will not irritate or damage the natural eyelash, but different types of glue are available to avoid any …show more content…

If you have short or thin lashes, you cannot go for a very dramatic look, as it will not last. If you’re doing this for the first time, it is advisable to begin with a half set, Ilashes by Jill advised.

Doing it Right

As eyelash extension is a sensitive procedure, it is necessary to find a reputable salon. Unqualified eyelash technicians might apply lashes to the eyelid instead of the lash, which can cause irritation or injury. Professional should tell you the risks and benefits of having the extension before applying for the extensions. They should also care to ask about any conditions you have that would make you unsuitable for the procedure.

It is only a myth that eyelash extension will ruin your natural lashes. When applied correctly, they are safe and will not ruin the health of your own lashes. Just make sure not to pull the extensions or tug your eyes, as this can make the lashes fall out or damage your own.

Don’t be afraid to invest in this beauty treatment. By knowing more about the procedure and finding the right salon, you can have a safe procedure and get the luscious lashes you

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