Microsurgery Essays

  • Common Mani Myths 1: You Should Never Cut Your Cuticles

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    Taking care of one 's nails is not just a matter of esthetics, but also a matter of personal hygiene. Women love mani-pedis, but there are many misconceptions when it comes to these procedures. Today we are going to see what is the truth behind the most common mani-pedi myths that circulate the internet. Myth 1: You should never cut your cuticles True! This is probably something that most of you know, but we are going to go over it one more time, because a lot of women still do this due to esthetic

  • Exemplification Essay: How Plastic Surgery Can Change Lives

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    How Plastic Surgery Can Change Lives Plastic and corrective surgery keeps on increasing great and awful intentions. Plastic surgery, a more broad term, is utilized all around the globe day by day from corrective methodology to reconstructive strategies. I have never actually had any plastic surgery done yet there are clear drawbacks to plastic surgery, for example, downtime, torment, and conceivable symptoms. These are all variables that must be talked about before the real techniques since they

  • The Pros And Cons Of Makeup

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    Makeup has been a very controversial issue with many people around the world in whether makeup causes acne or not. Many people believe that wearing makeup can cause face breakouts, and especially worsen acne; however recent research by makeup experts provide evidence that they are wrong. Many people believe that wearing makeup can cause face breakouts. While reading and looking for answers people believe that makeup is a cause for acne. In the article, "Does Makeup Worsen Acne" talks about how

  • Informative Essay On Baby Oil

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    Human skin is considered as the largest body organ. And since not all skin is created equal, people should be wary on what they put on their skin as most of the chemical-laden products may do more harm than good. One product that people commonly use is baby oil. It is used to keep skin moisturized but since baby oil is made from mineral oil, people are now thinking twice when applying this product on their skin. This is because the mineral oil used in making baby oil is a byproduct of refined crude

  • False Perception Of Beauty

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    It seems humans are programmed with their own unique beauty detectors. Across cultures, there are variations of aesthetic preferences shaped by thousands of years of evolutionary standards, and now – in this modern age where technological advances influenced social ideals such as the mainstream media’s portrayal of physical beauty, it caused some of us to be subliminally fooled into copying unrealistic beauty standards of Photoshop and one of the solutions towards that insane goal of perfection is

  • Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

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    Plastic surgery may have a bad reputation from media and the television series “Botched,” which focuses on cosmetic procedures gone wrong. The media portrays plastic surgery as a way for the wealthy to become more beautiful, thinner, or younger looking. One may consider this the dark side of the industry because, it allows people to cover up their insecurities instead of accepting them. However, there is another side to plastic surgery that could be considered the “good” side. Many individuals rely

  • Essay Benefits Of Waxing

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    Benefits of Waxing for Bodybuilders: At present waxing is most popular with athletes like swimmers, gymnasts, bodybuilders, tennis players and men who are generally into fitness. Since they work hard to have lean muscular bodies, they want their musculature to show, and hair almost completely hides any definition, particularly with the abdominal muscles. Actors and models like waxing because they find if they have a hairy body they tend to be cast only in “stupid, brutish” character roles, because

  • Plastic Surgery Should Be Banned Essay

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    People may ask what plastic surgery is. So what is plastic surgery? A surgical specialty that is dedicated to reconstruction of facial and body defects due to birth disorders, trauma, burns, and disease. Plastic surgery is also involved with the enhancement of the appearance of a person through cosmetic surgery. In 2016, there were around 10,417,370 people who had plastic surgery. Plastic surgery have been becoming more common for a variety of reasons and countless individuals are consulting plastic

  • Rhinoplasty Research Paper

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    The Rhinoplasty (latin: rhinoplasty) is an operation that changed the external shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty (nose surgery, nose surgery) can reduce or enlarge, alter the shape of the muzzle and the nasal entrance with the nostrils and the nostrils, and alter the length of the nose and the angle between the nose and upper lip nose. The intervention is carried out mainly for aesthetic reasons on the harmonization of the nose and the entire face (aesthetic rhinoplasty), to improve nasal breathing

  • Eyelash Extension Procedure

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    If you’re not blessed with long and full lashes, applying mascara often is not the only solution. Eyelash extensions are a popular trend in most salons and spas, promising to give you lengths with a sexy flutter. When done right, these extensions accentuate your eyes, while also eliminating the need for mascara. Despite the growing trend, many are still reluctant to try this procedure. If you’re feeling a bit apprehensive about this treatment, it is best to learn how it works and how to do it right

  • Inverted Nipple Correction Procedure

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    An individual can be born with inverted nipples; however, inverted nipples can also occur following a traumatic incident that affects the breast(s). Furthermore, breastfeeding can cause inverted nipples. The majority of people who have inverted nipples are glad to hear that there is a surgical procedure available to correct this condition. Dr. Thomas Guillot is a board certified plastic surgeon at The Oaks at Goodwood Medical Spa who frequently performs inverted nipple correction procedures in Baton

  • Lipposuction Research Paper

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    Liposuction first originated when a French surgeon Charles Dujarier first introduced the concept of body contouring and fat removal in 1920. Back then the surgeries were very unsuccessful and had deadly consequences. The first attempt of liposuction was done to a famous French ballerina dancer Mademoiselle Geoffre. She had desired more attractive knees and calves to make herself more alluring as a dancer and liposuction was the way to achieve this, but the operation took a turn for the worse when

  • Cosmetic Surgery Satire

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    You Are More Every little girl deserves to know she is beautiful, every young lady deserves to know what she is worth, and every woman deserves to feel confident in her own skin. But there comes a time in every girl’s life when she feels insecure and unattractive. Some say “accept it” and others say “change it”. Cosmetic surgery is the reshaping of body parts and includes procedures such as breast augmentation, facelift, and liposuction and has been around for hundreds of years and it is no surprise

  • Persuasive Essay On Proactiv Commercial

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    Have you ever used a skin care product that was supposed to clear up acne and blemishes? How many of those products actually did what they said the product was supposed to do? Well, Proactiv is here to save the day! When it comes to acne or blemishes, Proactiv is your life saver. This commercial presented demonstrates several aspects that will appeal to its targeted audience and will display actual results. Within the two minute commercial it manages to use appeals based on logic, emotion and character

  • Pros And Cons Of Cosmetic Surgery

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    Should cosmetic surgery be widely accepted? Cosmetic surgery is operation that modifies or improves the appearance of a physical feature, irregularity, or defect. Society has always valued beauty, and the meaning of beauty has changed completely owing to the pressure of what is considered perfect. The importance of beauty is enhanced in modern society and culture, the ideal of beauty being defined by the media through magazine, television and music (Gramaglia & Marzola, 2013). It is not difficult

  • The Greek Letter: The Golden Ratio

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    The golden ratio is a unique number approximately equalling 1.6180339887. The Greek letter ‘phi’, Φ, represents the golden ratio which can be found in many places including the human body, architecture, nature and art. The golden ratio has many different names including the: divine section, medial section, golden mean, divine proportion and golden proportion. If a line where to be split into two unequal sections and the whole length of the line divided by the longer section of the line equals the

  • We Judge Before We Think Essay

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    Alondra Villegas We Judge Before We Think Be honest what do you think when you see a Kardashian or hear the name Kardashian? Automatically most people think the words “plastic surgery” and “fake”, but why do we judge everyone that gets plastic surgery when we do not know the reason behind it. People with plastic surgery should not be judged by society because it boosts self esteem, it represents our freedom of choice, it is safer than it used to be some years ago and it is very helpful for people

  • Cosmetic Surgery Persuasive Essay

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    Nowadays, many cosmetic products are being issued. Beauty is what everybody wanted. People strive hard to be flawless and beautiful to achieve perfection because they believe that is the one thing to get better. However, people are obsessed by beauty and looks. Many people of all ages and sexes have had cosmetic procedure help to create a more youthful appearance. Some people feel that they would be more comfortable in their own skin and sexier. That is a basic fact that cannot be argued with. This

  • Essay On Unprocessed Hair

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    Everything you Need to Know About 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Hair It may not seem like it but artificial hair integrations either as hair extensions or weaves have been around for a long time. Whether it is to cover up a bad hairstyle or hide balding spots due to alopecia or hair breakage, the introduction of artificial hair in the beauty industry was a game changer. Over time, artificial hair made from the low quality and prone to tangling synthetic fibres gradually made way for the more durable

  • Tattoos And Piercings

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    Tattoos and Piercings in Our World Over the last fifteen to twenty years tattoos and piercings are seen far more commonly than they used to be. The rise in the popularity of the body art isn’t surprising because people are deciding to be more self expressive through music, clothing and bodily modifications.We live in an era where the pristine house wife no longer is the “norm”, yet people still seem surprised when a good teacher or a successful businessman has gone under a tattoo gun or sat through