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The Rhinoplasty (latin: rhinoplasty) is an operation that changed the external shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty (nose surgery, nose surgery) can reduce or enlarge, alter the shape of the muzzle and the nasal entrance with the nostrils and the nostrils, and alter the length of the nose and the angle between the nose and upper lip nose.

The intervention is carried out mainly for aesthetic reasons on the harmonization of the nose and the entire face (aesthetic rhinoplasty), to improve nasal breathing function (functional rhinoplasty), and according to birth defects such as facial clefts or accidents (reconstructive rhinoplasty). Whatever the reason for this intervention is - the functionality of the nose must be maintained or improved.

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In general, people should have the wrong form of their nose not unduly overvalue and realistic ideas about the result and the existing certainly improve quality of life. A patient who answered a small change of his nose with a large and long-lasting mental depression, is certainly not a good candidate.


As a rule, however, it is so that just the appropriate patient for rhinoplasty (nose surgery, nose surgery) benefited considerably from this engagement. This is certainly at the central position and the importance of the nose for the entire expression. The goal of a good rhinoplasty must be that the viewer's eye does not get stuck as before on a dominant, irregular nose, but perceives the eyes of the other person First and foremost.

This goal is in proper indications usually achieved by an experienced surgeon with great certainty. The gain in life joy, happiness and a self-image, with which the patient is satisfied is, in most cases quite considerably and often life-changing for the patient. This makes the rhinoplasty (nose surgery, nose surgery) to a the most gratifying procedures in aesthetic facial …show more content…

The patient must have an opportunity to process the information that gives the doctor, and to correct his vision - this several times if necessary - to the surgeon, and you make an opinion about the design of the nose are. For this purpose, the operator has to rely on a lot of information from you - not only about your idea, but also on the functionality of the nose, allergies, regular medication and previous operations.

Arrivals and Technology:

Depending on the individual findings rhinoplasty (nose surgery, nose surgery) always means changing the cartilaginous skeleton; in most cases, however, the bony nasal structures.

The shaping of the external nose structures include the nasal septum, which holds such a central tent pole especially in the lower part of the nose, the pyramidal structure with. To gain access to this shaping structures, the mucosa or the skin of the muzzle must be replaced. In general, the access cuts are invisible in the nasal vestibule, from where you can get a good overview of the nasal septum, the cartilage of the nose and the bones of the nasal

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