Cosmetic Surgery Persuasive Essay

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Young adults who want to have plastic surgery often have a different intention and goal than adults. They decide to have plastic surgery to improve any physical features they feel are troublesome or imperfect. If these imperfections were left uncorrected, they could affect the teen later in life. Teens should be allowed to have corrective cosmetic surgery, because it can help improve self-confidence and self-esteem and it can help medically.
Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery is defined as a form of medicine focused on making enhancements to the body. It is intended to correct flawed areas on the body and is restoring in its nature. This type of surgery can be performed on the head, body, and neck. During a study, performed by Dr. Jane Weston and Anne Pearl, they found out high school junior’s opinions on cosmetic surgery. According to Attitudes of Adolescents About Cosmetic Surgery, “A survey of the junior class of a California suburban high school showed that one-third of respondents would consider undergoing cosmetic surgery.” Cosmetic surgery, in the U.S., is known to have a negative connotation, because one would consider you “fake” or not true to yourself. From this study done by Weston and Pearls, a large number of teens in this school would consider getting cosmetic surgery. There are different reasons to wanting it done. One might consider it for self-esteem purposes or if they have a medical problem that is disabling them from living a normal life.
Teens should

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