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"Today, hundreds of thousands of aesthetic plastic surgery procedures are conducted each year" (Petechuk, 2014, p. 4). People do not think twice about having a procedure done because they have enough money. People believe that insecurities can be fixed to make themselves feel better. Unfortunately, people all over the world are having surgeries done. Most might not think this is unfortunate, but some do. Some think people are changing the way how God made them. The truth is, they feel like they do not look pretty enough. They worry so much about what others think that they undergo surgery without having second thoughts. The other side to why people believe this is okay is because they believe they should not have deformities and it is okay…show more content…
One of the major arguments created, is the fact that there are no longer insecurities that have to be faced and lived with every day. People all over the world want to look and feel confident. When people start to age, they want to look young. Plastic surgery is an easy fix for that. All worries can be replaced, and the individuals can live stress free. "People who work in fields such as acting, modeling, the media, or politics, find that personal attractiveness is crucial to successful job performance" ("Plastic Cosmetic", 2007, p. 2). Plastic surgery can easily get rid of deformities so that people can feel satisfied, and how they would like to. If they are a part of media, and thousands of people see them everyday, they want to look young and beautiful. They do not want to live with insecurities as thousand of people are watching them. Being insecure affects how people live life, and they do not do their jobs to the best of their ability because they do not feel confident in themselves. Some patients say surgeries have made a positive impact in their life, and on top of that, an impact on others (Plastic Surgeons, 2004). With this in mind, think about how going through a difficult surgery leads to an inspiring act for others. It shows them they can accomplish the same thing as well. "It is extremely inspiring when ordinary people accomplish…show more content…
The Bible warns individuals to not be vein or conceited towards one another (Philippians 2:3-4, ESV). Some may not think of having plastic surgery done as conceited, but when taken into further depth and consideration, it can be classified as conceited very easily. It shows that the individual wants everything for themselves, hoping that they look the best. They care so much about themselves that nothing else matters to them. Having this surgery done is not cheap and this money could be put to much more important things. Humans need to use wisely the money God has entrusted to them (Luke 16:10-12, ESV). The Bible says "Don 't draw attention to yourselves by the way we look" (1 Timothy 2:9, ESV). If this verse is remembered, people will not be conceited in that way. If no one tried to make themselves the center of attention, no one would be drawing attention to themselves and there would not be a problem. This being said, humans should not be conceited in how

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