Summary Of What Fullness Is By Roxane Gay

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Roxane Gay went through many hardships in her life that she explains in her book “What Fullness Is.” However, what stood out to her the most was everyone Gay interacted with viewed her as fat. Gay was always referred to as fat, even by her own family, which caused her to want to change her body image. As a result, she had so many mixed feelings about the way she looked and how she should feel. The toxicity in her life made her want to change the way she looked, which led to her getting surgery and losing her friend known as food. She forced herself to comply with society because of the way people treated her. She would dwell on thoughts of what will happen after the surgery and what she would have to do in order to keep that body. Ultimately, Gay chose to proceed with the surgery; however, in her writing, she hints that she regrets this decision. Body standards cause such a bad perception and risk for some people that it makes them feel ridicule for having a …show more content…

Gay had life changing surgery because of the way people looked at her and judged her for her size. She was fine with the way she looked, but hated the limitations and discipline that she put on herself. Fifteen years she thought about surgery and what it would do to her life. She didn’t want to do it, but one person saying something changed her mind; she didn’t want to be that “fat black ass”(Gay page 76). She wanted to be known as a regular person and seen as one too. Gay knew that after the surgery she would be taking supplements for the rest of her life, as well as worrying about complication and risks that came with the weight loss. After, the surgery she was worried she would stretch out her stomach, and she was very cautious with food and how much she ate. In the end, this surgery seems more like a chore than anything. Is it really worth getting rid of a little fat rather than owning

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