Technology Used Or Abused In New Pretty Town By Scott Westerfeld

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Technology used or abused? Imagine a world run by technology. This world will be a dream until the reality hits. Technology isn’t what people perceive it to be, it’s dangerous. Scott Westerfeld, Uglies, Science fiction novel. At the age of sixteen citizens of Uglieville get turned pretty. New Pretty Town awaits Tally but when her friend, Shay, runs away, Tally must hurry to find her if she ever wants to be pretty. Westerfeld enlightens us to the dangers of abusing technology. Cosmetic Surgery is a much neglected form of technology. “But he was so pretty now”. (Westerfeld 16) Instead of seeing true beauty Tally only sees the beauty the surgery gave people. Everyone believes the only beauty is through the surgery except the select few who can’t be controlled and see themselves as beautiful. “After one surgery, addicts will find a reason to have a second, then a third… in their quest for ‘perfection’” (Dr. Howard Samuels 1) People can get habituated to the idea of ‘perfection’ from surgery but technology can’t fix everything. Although, technology isn’t just about looks it could also be the one thing you’ll betray someone for. …show more content…

“…horrified as she held her own appearance. ‘That’s you, Tally. Forever.’ ‘Turn it off’ ‘Decide’ ‘Okay I’ll do it…” (Westerfeld 135). Tally didn’t think betraying Shay was wrong as long as she got to be pretty. Shay made her promise not to tell and Tally betrayed her. “Experts say… interactions with others…done electronically at the expense of face-to-face communication, social development may be affected” (Brenda Patoine 1). Technology is used to speak online, but it causes damage to how you speak face-to-face. When you don’t speak face-to-face you lose important assets a person needs. In Addition you should never betray a friend it can affect you and the way a person thinks but if there is no other choice you can compromise instead of betray someone’s

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