Effects Of Consumerism On Poverty

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More than three billion people, nearly half of the world’s population, has an income of less than $2.50 a day. In addition, more than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty their income is $1.25 a day. Additionally, this mind-blowing statistic stress the fact that consumer behavior may be the main reason behind poverty. The first use of consumerism term is in 1944 mutual movement in the USA in 1930s. Therefore, Consumerism has variety of meanings, it can be defend as protecting consumer interests, advertising, sales promotion decency, and the quality of the products. Also, it can be defended as consumer rights protection. Consumerism affects poverty because it causes some to consume more than they need, forces limits on choice, and influences…show more content…
According to Varul (2008) the notion of ‘ethical consumerism’ seems to be a contradiction in terms, since market and morality are commonly viewed as stark opposites with morality being sought in the contestation of certain goods’ commodity status and in the blocking of certain exchanges. What is new in the phenomenon of market society, a phenomenon that has been observed over the last 30 years, is the emergence of consumption as a criterion for the quality of life and as a sign of the demand for it. Moreover, society has become in our time a society that governs and evaluates its members, including the ability to consume. Without legislation regulating the market, people’s choices will be…show more content…
The growing concerns of consumers about sustainable products and services lead to legislative amendments and to new products and services that follow the regulations or have a pre-emptive role (Slavova, 2014). The purpose of legislation is to protect the consumers by set prices for consumer goods. Therefore, there will be better quality products, more choice and innovation, all of that is for consumers own benefits. Consumerism influences people’s characters causing poverty. Effects people’s characters is prime heed for causing poverty. According to Tenai (2016) Consumerism moulds people’s characters into self-interest and a pursuit of interest’s other than those for the common good. When people change their interest in necessaries and turn all their attention to luxuries this will waste their energy, time and resources. Additionally, the attention of people who are more in appearance rather than saving and donating to the poor will produce a trivial society with no values. Self-interest is also a problem for influences people’s
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