Plastic Surgery In Brave New World

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Plastic surgery is the rigorous medical process of altering the human body through means of reconstruction, the removal of tissue, and the addition of tissue for cosmetic purposes. People see it every day and do not even question it. People’s faces and bodies are augmented in ways that humanity sees so regularly that viewers have become blind to it. Seeing faces and bodies perfectly sculpted by knives for sharp cheekbones, fuller lips, larger breasts, and a slimmer waist has tricked society into forgetting what the average person actually looks like. Consumers have become so blind to this constant fake image that humanity does not notice the difference until an unaltered, natural image is forced down our throats. This concept is present in the novel Brave New World,
“The door opened. A very stout blonde squaw stepped across the threshold and stood looking at the strangers staring incredulously, her mouth open. Lenina noticed with disgust that two of the front teeth were missing. And the colour of the ones that remained. She shuddered. It was worse than the old man. So fat. And all the lines in her face, the flabbiness, the wrinkles. And …show more content…

From tummy tucks to botox, plastic surgery can change the way a person looks anywhere on our body. Plastic surgery has become widespread and it is not limited to one specific age group, it is both used by teenagers and the elderly alike. There were a total of 1.7 million cosmetic procedures done in 2016, a four percent increase from 2015 (American Society of Plastic Surgeons 5). The most popular plastic surgery procedure has been breast augmentation since 2006. Breast augmentation is a surgery that increases breast size. 290,000 procedures were performed in 2016 (ASPS Public Relations 5). The 2nd highest cosmetic plastic surgery is liposuction which is when they remove excess fat from the body. Liposuction had 235,237 surgeries in 2016 which was 6% more than

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