Why People Wear Extensions

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Have you ever tried wearing extensions whether it was a sewed glued or clip ins? Extensions in this case, are different lengths of weave that is worn by the most woman. Starting from teenagers of age sixteen and on up mostly are the ones that wear extensions. There are many kinds of weave that are called virgin hair meaning that it is one hundred percent human hair. The popular kind that is bought the most is Peruvian, Brazilian, Malaysian, and Mink. It comes in a choice of getting it straight body wave or curly. They can be bought from all around the world on different websites. They also come in handy when you always have to struggle with your real hair. It also comes with a grading system the higher the number of the hair the better it is. The hair is long lasting and can be reused as many times you would like to. My first experience with extension is back when I was in high school my eleventh-grade year. The kind I used was Brazilian straight it was beautiful silky shiny and could hold curls. It gave me a good feeling the hair was also full and healthy looking. I could not keep from touching my hair when it was installed. It did do some shedding whenever I brushed my hair out. When I kept wearing weave I found out that all hair will shed just like real hair. Taking care of the hair I had to watch what shampoo and condition I used when…show more content…
Extensions last for one year or two with proper care such as washing the hair when it is needed. When treating it as their own hair. It helps out the people with shorter hair that want long beautiful thick hair. It gives that person a more beautiful look about themselves. It can be worn to help women out who have bald spots. It will have people thinking that it is your hair. If a person had a health problem and had to get their hair taken away she could just go buy some virgin extensions any kind of her choice. Then she will be back to feeling great about
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