Botox Informative Speech

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Today, you can turn back the hands of time and become young and beautiful once again. And you do not have to go under the knife to achieve amazing results. You can make it happen with a single Botox injection. The results from this cosmetic procedure have made it a Hollywood craze and it has now become much more accessible to non-celebrity patients as well.

What exactly is Botox?

Botox is botulinum toxin for short. It is a substance that is derived from Clostridium botulinum, a kind of bacteria that may cause food poisoning that can be fatal. It does sound scary. However, in controlled amounts, it can do wonders for wrinkles.

What is used in Botox injections have been purified to be safely injected into a patient's skin. The substance
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• A patient can possibly get instantaneous results.
• It is a non-invasive procedure that is less painful.
• It offers minimal downtime.
• It has the Food and Drug Administration's approval for cosmetic treatments.

What are the possible downsides of Botox injections?

• While it may be less costly than plastic surgery, Botox injections can still prove to be quite an expense. The cost may average between £250 and £450 at a per session basis.
• It is not covered by insurance.
• A series of sessions may be required for maintenance.
• Although the results may be instantaneous, they can also vanish in a matter of four or six months.
• While it is a fairly safe procedure, there are also a couple of possible side effects including, swelling, bruising, nausea and headaches among others. Therefore, it is not completely painless.
• It can cause muscle weakness that tends to limit a patient's facial movement.

Getting Botox injections may seem like a good idea for some people. But if you are deciding for yourself, you have to keep this list of pros and cons and weigh them accordingly. If you do decide to get one, make sure that you obtain it from a reputable

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