Anti Vaccination Argumentative Essay

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Many people may think that vaccination is a bad thing, that instead of preventing it causes illness, that is not natural. Natural or not, there are many reasons as to why we should vaccinate us and the younger generation. Most of the time children don’t like vaccination because it hurt, but is the responsibility of a parent to seek the wellbeing of his or her child. Vaccination it’s a preventive measure of various diseases. Unfortunately, things like the anti-vaccination movement, the misinformation on the Internet, and the believe that vaccination causes more damage than is worth, have led our society to think that it’s right not to vaccinate. The anti-vaccination movement was first seen in Europe in the XIX century, but it has found its way to the US. The main theoretical anti-vaccination ideology is that: Vaccine cause idiopathic illness. The vaccination law not …show more content…

Some examples are that for the past several years we have heard that polio vaccine lead lymphoma and caused the AIDS epidemic, and the MMR vaccine lead to Crohn’s disease and autism. These theories, however have not bothered themselves with facts, that might be fair in the time of chiropractic’s infancy, but now, in the 20th century it is not acceptable. The lack of true information about vaccination is a struggle to the vaccination policy. A research by Kennedy et al. shows that health professionals consider that girls are empowered to make decisions about the HPV vaccine for themselves, some of them decide not to take the vaccine for the lack of information. It is true that immunization could cause side effects, but nothing that would be extremely dangerous for humans, unless it is an allergy reaction but there are different kind of immunization to prevent that. It is worth the risk, better have a little bit of fever for a few days than get sick because of a disease that should be

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