The Underused Hpv Vaccine Rhetorical Analysis

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One of the most controversial matters of today is the HPV vaccine. While some individuals view the vaccine as a preventative measure, others view it as the cause of a variety of medical issues, as well as, a free pass to be promiscuous. New York Times’ personal health columnist Jane Brody addresses some of the alleged cons associated with the HPV vaccine in her article “The Underused HPV Vaccine”. Brody’s purpose in writing this article is to inform about the misconceptions about the vaccine and, ultimately, convince the adult readers that it is more beneficial to be vaccinated than harmful. Brody’s appeal to logic, application of ethos, and choice of diction effectively convinces the audience that the HPV vaccine should be utilized to their…show more content…
One of the previously mentioned arguments for anti-vaccers was the argument that the vaccine would cause teenagers to act more immorally. This is proven to be false when Dr. Saslow, the lead author of the cancer society’s, updated guidelines and firmly states that there is “no direct connection between the vaccine and sexual activity and no reason to suggest one.” Brody’s mention of the famous doctor effectively persuades the reader to see the truth behind the research. The mention of parents being concerned about the effects these vaccines is considered a rhetorical cannon of relationship. The supposed relationship between the vaccine and physical consequences encountered after being vaccinated is a the main elements behind the anti-vaccers argument. Previously mentioned, there are plenty of stories on the internet alleging that the medical problems their child is now facing is a direct result of the HPV vaccine. As shown above, there is no evidence that suggests the vaccine to be the cause of the problem. In Brody’s article she writes, “The C.D.C has stated unequivocally that clinical trials have shown them all the be ‘very safe’.” This once again displays Ethos because it showcases how the esteemed establishment of C.D.C, which specializes in preventing diseases, has deemed the vaccine completely safe for public

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