Mandatory Vaccination Argumentative Essay

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Required Immunity Mandatory vaccinations for children in public schools have been the center of much debate since laws were first developed to regulate immunization. Fears from parents about side effects and adverse reactions have steered many away from wanting to vaccinate their children despite the numerous infectious diseases they prevent. These debates have gotten in the way of progression in schools for preventing the spread of disease. To me, the risks of not vaccinating children are far greater than the risks of adverse reactions. Parents who don’t vaccinate their children put them and others at risk because it allows normally preventable disease to continue to spread. Vaccinations have been around since 1796 and have since helped …show more content…

For example, some parents are reluctant to vaccinate their children against diseases like Hemophilic Influenza if they won’t be attending daycare. While daycares require this vaccine, this deadly disease is a threat to all children, even if they do not attend daycare (Bronfin 3). People who oppose mandatory vaccinations for public school children point out parents concerned with their children being around unvaccinated children could move their child to a private institution requiring immunization (Murphy 2). This reasoning would only add extra stress for families trying to find schools for their children and could cost parents more money than just being able to send their child to a free public school without fear. The next most controversial concern parents have regards the ingredients in some vaccinations. Thimerosal is an ingredient in influenza shots and is rumored to cause brain damage. This rumor was made popular by internet forums but the truth is, there is no evidence this chemical causes illness in humans and babies who are strictly breastfed come into contact with much greater amounts of thimerosal than are in vaccinations. Some chemicals used can be dangerous in large amounts, but are not harmful in the small amounts present in vaccinations (Bronfin

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