Vaccinating Children Persuasive Essay

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If one had the option to prevent their child’s death with a magical drug, would they give it to their child? The answer would be an obvious yes for some, but others choose to take a risk due to uncertainty. Since the discovery of vaccines in 1796 by Edward Jenner, the controversy of vaccinating children has only grown. Vaccines were, and still are, one of the greatest breakthroughs accomplished by mankind. Even though vaccines were available, a substantial amount of individuals did not vaccinate their children. As disease outbreaks began in 1850, such as smallpox, public schools made it mandatory that a child enrolling had to have all the required vaccines. Since the requirements were enforced, many parents did not believe that it should be the …show more content…

Vaccines save lives. In a study conducted by Cleveland Clinic, vaccines save 2.5 million lives annually. Immunization prevents needless deaths, but some parents still refuse to vaccinate their children. According to ACTION, a global health advocate, 1.5 million children die from preventable diseases each year! This is a loss to our society and of human potential. What if one of those 1.5 million dead children was the next inventor to change the world, or the next leader to change our country? One would never know, because that life was wrongfully wasted. Vaccines save lives everyday and with new discoveries, vaccines are saving even more. New vaccines such as the Pneumococcal vaccine and Rotavirus vaccine are decreasing death. These vaccines were presented in 2012, but are still considered knew due to the amount of time other vaccines have been around. These two vaccines prevent the two leading causes of death in children under five, and have already saved over 3.9 million lives! If one has read this far in to the paper, they might be thinking, “Why would someone not vaccinate their child?” The answer is

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