Pro Vaccination Argumentative Essay

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Pro Vaccination Since the invention of vaccines, it has created a huge impact worldwide. As a child begins to start school, their required by the state to receive their twelve routine shots. The children who receive all their shots have a greater chance of not contracting any diseases. Throughout the years, vaccination or otherwise known as immunization has been a hugely controversial issue worldwide and whether or not to vaccinate children. However, vaccines are an effective and key role in keeping the human population healthy and safe. One of the many benefits of vaccinating children is it saves them from life-threatening diseases. The many diseases which children are immunized from include, Measles, Mumps, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (whooping cough), Polio, Hepatitis A and B and much more. Long before the time of vaccines, there was a shocking rate of deaths that occurred worldwide. …show more content…

(A.Offit). Some children, who contract a deadly disease, usually don’t have enough time to complete their wish list. By allowing your children to be vaccinated, you are giving them an opportunity to live out their life without the threat of an infectious disease. Children who are the ages of five and under are the ones who are commonly infected by a disease. A vaccination is just a shot containing the dead or weak germ of the disease. It allows your body to learn what they should fight against. However, the vaccine effects will not make you sick, since it’s not an alive germ. As the disease enters the body, it alarms the your defense system and starts to create antibodies to kill the germ. The vaccine strengthens your immune system, so a disease will never infect you even if you come in contact with someone who has one. Having a strong immune system is a crucial part to ensure your children are

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